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What I Do

What I "do"...

It's not a job

Or a career field

It's not only work

It's my life's work

A calling

A destiny

A dharma

There is no separation between my life and my work

I live and breathe my purpose and passion into all that I do

All that I touch

All that I am

My business is in constant evolution

Because so am I

Committed to always doing my best while committed to doing better

Recognizing my imperfections

Perfectly imperfect as a divine being navigating this human experience

Honouring impermanence as a foundational value

Knowing that there are no guarantees

Except for maybe the heavens and the stars from which our souls travel

Nothing but a speck of stardust

Standing on a wrinkle in time

Eagerly at the edge of an unfolding

Of which I know nothing of the kind

Here I am

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