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The frequency of humility is amplified right now.

When collective frequencies blast in, they tend to stir up the parts of our lives that are too firmly rooted in the other end of the spectrum.

So in that polarity, what sits opposite humility? Vanity. Ego.

I can tell you that the last couple weeks, this week especially, have left me feeling stripped bare. Down to my blood and bones. So many of us are in a massive tower moment, facing a complete restructuring.

Within the frequency of humility, view your tower as a pedestal. How high up do you stand, looking your nose down? The bruises from a second-story fall are much easier to manage than the destruction that comes from a top-floor collapse.

In that, humility does not ask us to de-value ourselves. It does not ask us to shrink or be small.

Humility is not a lack of confidence.



It's deep, real, raw authenticity. So much so that there's no space for the ego's vanity to breathe and survive.

It's softness.


Deep inner knowing.

Humility invites us to build a foundation, an unshakeable core, with a willingness to detach and surrender in even the most turbulent, most violent storms. It asks us to set down the "I know better."

Humility can hold pain, navigate death and destruction, and still keep an open heart.

Humility can fully be in the fire and still show up, bruised, raw, hurting, vulnerable.

Humility says, "It's okay. I'm still here." Even when the tower where we once stood has collapsed to dust.

"It's okay. I'm still here."

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