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Health & Wellness Services

From massage to frequency activation and energy transformation to plant medicine, I offer many potential paths to health and wellness. Private, customized group energy sessions are also available.

As a multidimensional healer, manifester, and psychic intuitive who has trained in many different modalities addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self, I feel that most tension and pain in the body is a physical manifestation of trapped energy. I believe that looking at health, wellness, and healing through a holistic lens provides the most benefit rather than isolating symptoms and issues and treating them as separate from the whole.


Together, we can work through any combination of physical, mental, emotional, and trauma layers within to help align you with your soul frequency and bring you back to a natural state of peace, harmony, and ease.



Deep Tissue or Relaxation with as little or as much energy work as you like.


Fees are on a sliding scale so you choose the amount that is fair and available for you.

60 min | $80-$100

90 min | $105-$125

120 min | $130-$150


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Oracle Card Reading

Intuitive and introspective insight to assist you on your journey of healing, growth, transformation, and expansion.

Readings are approx. 30-45 minutes long | $85

Add-on a mini-reading to any session | $30

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Private One-on-One Kundalini Yoga Session

Book in for a private Kundalini Yoga session that is tailored to your specific needs (such as stress relief, adrenal and kidney function, energy elevation).


Receive personalized instruction, a quick frequency tune-up, and a link to a video so that you can continue to practice at home.

$125 per session

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A quick in and out session to tune into your frequency. It helps you relax, re-align, and come back to centre without requiring much time or financial commitment


30 min | $45



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Plant Medicine Intensive Healing

This is an intensive form of healing for those who want to explore their inner workings on a much deeper level. It begins with a consultation prior to embarking on a guided inner journey, followed by two follow-up support sessions. 


Contact for more details and pricing.


Private One-on-One Reiki Certification

In a one-day intensive, receive your Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification with an introduction to Lightworker Energetics. Includes your printed manual and lunch. Choose your training location; the Wild Woods studio in Creston or the Wild Woods forest 20 minutes from town. Follow-up support included and at-home practice required.

$555 investment

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These sessions are unique and different every time. Clear stagnant energy, receive activations, and remove 'noise' and 'clutter' so that you better tune into your  soul frequency.

Fees are on a sliding scale so you choose the amount that is fair and available for you.

60 min | $70-$90

90 min | $95-$115

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Meditations, Teachings & More


Download meditations, plant medicine teachings, and oracle readings to listen to at your convenience as many times as you like.



Private Staff/Group Wellness Day

Whether your staff or a group of friends, book in for your own customized wellness day up to a maximum of 8 people! A sample day could include a morning circle with salt bowl ceremony, wine tasting and lunch, and a hiking excursion or forest walk with frequency activation.

$250 per person; 3 person min, 8 person max; transportation not included

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Private Group Sessions

Customize a private energy session for a maximum of eight people! Awesome for a group of friends, family, co-workers, or a small business.

Choose from:


~ Breathwork

~ Circle Activities (rituals for self-love, empowerment, heart opening…whatever your group needs)

~ Crystal Guidance and Healing (optional add-on of a take-home crystal healing kit for an additional $20pp)

~ Energy Transformation/Reiki

~ Essential Oil Blending (make your own roller blend)

~ Guided Meditation

~ Mantras and Mudras

~ Oracle Card Readings

~ Herbal/Plant Immersions (pick a plant or theme and we’ll dive into it as a group)

~ Salt Bowl Ceremony

~ Smudge Bundle Making


Interested in something you don’t see listed above? Let me know and we may be able to add it in!


Maximum of 8 people (no minimum) | $250 for approx. 2 hours

Private Group


#6 - 223 16th Ave. N

Creston, BC

By Appointment Only




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