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Last week felt like an initiation. An invitation to step into the fire. The opening of a wildly transformative portal.

Initiations are not always easy. Walking into the fire takes great strength, faith, and courage. Oh, how I know.

But there's such a beauty within the pain of the process. We're surrounded by so much support from the elements, the earth, and our guides and ancestors.

After a week that pushed me through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers -- after a day that called me to stand and channel in an immense field of energy -- I was called to the earth, to the water.

Soft, gentle, feminine energy to soothe the intensity of the flames.

Stripped down, naked and bare, both literally and metaphorically, I surrendered.

With each step...

Earth my body

Water my blood

Air my breath

And fire my spirit

And I gave myself to the water. I let go.

I don't fully know where this initiation, this portal, takes me next. But I know it's aligned with my highest path.

The path of love. Always.

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