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Loving an Awakened Woman

You can't half-choose an awakened woman.

You can't half-love her.

You can't whisper half-truths in her ear.

You can't pull her in at your convenience only to stow her away on the mantle when you can't be bothered.

You don't get to choose the parts of her that you hold.

You don't get to weave the fabric of emotional intimacy only to pull the rug out from under her later.

She will not tolerate your consistent inconsistencies.

She will not tolerate your romanticized ideals that are miles away from your lived reality.

She won't have any of it.

Her authentic feminine expression will call you to stand fully in your masculine.

In integrity with the same standard she holds for herself, she will expect you to show up, be present, real, honest, courageous, loyal, and willing to contain her, consistently.

And if you can't, then don't.

Because she won't.

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