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You are Welcome Here

No part of you is broken, wrong, or unworthy. You are whole exactly as you stand today. Every single piece of you deserves to be seen, heard, held, and loved. Every. Single. Piece.

There may be aspects of self that would benefit from shedding layers, releasing stories, healing old wounds, and unlearning lifelong conditioning. But that doesn't make you less worthy of love, peace, and happiness today. The fact that you have work to do doesn't make you lesser or lower than anybody else. The guru on the pedestal is a fallacy. It's an outdated 3D structure.

The age of the guru is over.

Because we are all the guru. The guru exists inside each and every one of us. There are teachers, leaders, and healers who are your guides and allies who can help you rediscover this magical place within. They walk the path beside you, not above you, to help you connect to and rediscover the guru within.

You'll quickly recognize that it's okay to bring your pain, your sadness, grief, hurt, anger, shame, jealousy, and any other shadow aspect to the surface. Bring your shadows to the light, love them madly and deeply, and accept and integrate them into all that is you.

You are in a human body having a human experience and these emotions and feelings will always be within you to some extent. Try not to buy into the false notions of perfection.

Perfection is allowing yourself to be perfectly imperfect. Whole as both the shadow and the light. And as you start to master this, you will find that your shadow and light can exist together. That they must exist together. That this is exactly what it means to be whole.

You will find that when you love your shadow and bring it into the light, it will be less likely to hijack your life and undermine you.

In fact, your shadow has lessons, strengths, and virtues to bring to the table as well. If you're willing to lean in and listen. You'll find yourself walking the warrior god/dess path with an open mind, open heart, and your shadow lovingly by your side. With your light growing ever brighter.

The more we can understand this, the greater love, support, and compassion we can give one another. And the stronger we grow and more steady we rise as a collective.

You are welcome here, every part of you.

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