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Activate Your Soul Frequency

in Costa Rica

February 12-17, 2024

Are you longing for something “more”, but you’re not even sure what that “more” is? What happens inside of you when you hear the words, “Activate Your Soul Frequency”? What if you could uncover that something more within yourself by aligning your heart with the earth, walking with the natural rhythm of the jungle, and activating your higher frequencies in sacred freshwater?

It’s your turn to take the break that you deserve and immerse yourself in the Costa Rican jungle in the heart of the Guanacaste region.

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The Lodge

The Itinerary

Your Facilitators

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Your Investment & Other Info

Immerse Yourself
in Magic

Join Caroline Dalton and Danette Polzin at a beautifully and artfully crafted private lodge situated on 300 wild acres where a special reforestation project is revitalizing the lands that the Indigenous People of Maleiku considered the Sacred Land of the Shaman. It is here that you will spend five nights beginning to activate your own soul frequency, reclaiming your authenticity, and reconnecting to the heart of who you really are.

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site

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The Lodge

Simple. Elegant. Breathtaking. With a touch of luxury steeped in jungle vibes.


The HRC Reforestation Lodge is located on 300 wild acres on a plateau with sweeping views of Volcano Tenorio, Rio Cote National Forest, and Lake Nicaragua. It is your gateway to sacred land of the rainforest with jungle trails and waterfalls accessible right from the lodge. In fact, the lodge is situated on land where Maleiku Shamans were once initiated and nearby Lake Cote—which flows into the Rio Cote, the namesake and border of HRC—is considered the heart of the sacred lands of the Maleiku.


The Maleiku Tribe and traditions slowly faded from the land as deforestation took place over the years. And this is where HRC Reforestation Lodge stepped in. The land was first purchased to invite the rainforest to extend its footprint while supporting current and future generations of surrounding communities through reforestation efforts and other beneficial projects.


The lodge itself is built by local craftsmen and all the doors, furniture, and interior finishings are made from sustainably harvested woods handcrafted by locals. The interior also features original paintings and traditional masks from local artists and the Maleiku. Staying here supports Costa Rican families, as well as the Hacienda Rio Cote Project—the vision and workings of the lodge and land.


The front of the building is glass and fully opens to the surrounding jungle and lush, green pastures. The lodge is clean, spacious, and quiet. As well as private; it is not a shared accommodation with any other groups. Each bedroom (either double or triple occupancy) has its own bathroom and terrace. The rooms feature comfortable beds, fans, closet space, and a desk. Laundry services are also available if needed.


Food will be prepared for us by the HRC team. You can expect a variety of traditional, delicious Costa Rican cuisine that is as organic and locally farm-sourced as possible. Breakfasts especially will be rich in fresh tropical fruits from nearby farms, and all special dietary needs will be met. We also have full access to the kitchen and we’re able to get you to a store or market to pick up whatever personal supplies you may want or need. And on our last night together, we will head out to a nearby restaurant for a celebratory dinner.


HRC Reforestation Lodge also provides us access to their Wellness Centre. We will enjoy the swimming pool, labyrinth, and private access to Lake Arenal. Additional opportunities that will be available to our group include:


  • Jungle medicine tour (subject to availability of the Maleiku Shaman)

  • Jungle night tour; a safe and popular Costa Rican experience

  • Boat and/or kayak tour (add-on service; additional charges apply)

  • Horseback riding (add-on service; additional charges apply)

  • Massage (add-on service; additional charges apply)

  • Tree planting to aid the reforestation efforts of the lodge

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site


The Itinerary

Caroline and Danette will offer the group wellness sessions daily. This can include, but is not limited to:


  • Sacred circles for the group to check-in, connect, share, and receive support

  • Conscious breathwork

  • Crystal bowl sound healing

  • Guided meditation

  • Reiki/energy work

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Oracle cards and messages

  • Prompted journaling and channeled writing

  • Plant medicine teachings and heart-to-heart coherence with plants and the earth

  • Ancestral teachings and connection


Below is our itinerary for the trip. Please note that it is subject to change based on the group’s needs and the variables of international travel. Many of the activities are also optional; you will never be pressured into anything that you don’t want to do. We will honour your need to step back and rest while also working to support and encourage your growth.


Monday, Feb 12:

  • Morning pick-up from Liberia or San Jose; a pickup location will be provided in advance and will be near the airport

  • Check-in, welcome circle, and lunch at the lodge

  • Afternoon tour of the property

  • After dinner circle and wellness session


Tuesday, Feb 13

  • Early morning wellness session

  • Morning circle

  • Rio Celeste Day!

  • Rio Celeste is considered one of the most beautiful sights and best hikes in Costa Rica. Located in Tenorio Volcano National Park, it features a stunning blue waterfall, river, and lagoons, rainforest trails, hanging bridges, and an opportunity to see wildlife. This excursion includes a frequency activation through a singing bowl session, and plant/earth connection and communication. (Note that individual physical abilities will be accommodated.)

  • After dinner circle and wellness session


Wednesday, Feb 14

  • Early morning wellness session

  • Morning Circle

  • Wellness Centre Day!

  • We’ll head to the Wellness Centre and Lake Arenal to enjoy the pool or lake, labyrinth, and optional add-ons of massage, horseback riding, and boat/kayak tours. This excursion includes a frequency activation through a singing bowl session, and plant/earth connection and communication.

  • After dinner circle and wellness session


Thursday, Feb 15

  • Early morning wellness session

  • Morning circle

  • La Fortuna Day!

  • La Fortuna is a well-known small town destination with a local vibe. It’s a gateway to the rainforest, outdoor adventures, beautiful scenery—including the Arenal Volcano seen right from town centre—and natural hot springs. The town itself features a beautiful park, excellent restaurants, and many stores for a little tourist shopping. Once we arrive in town, everyone is free to roam and explore as they choose with a set meeting point and time later in the afternoon. You will be on your own for lunch this day. There is also potential for the group to visit hot springs (to be decided as a group).

  • After dinner circle and wellness session


Friday, Feb 16

  • Early morning wellness session

  • Morning circle

  • Jungle/waterfall walk with a frequency activation through a singing bowl session, and plant/earth connection and communication

  • Optional tree planting to be a part of the lodge’s reforestation efforts

  • Optional time at the Wellness Centre

  • Dinner will be out at a restaurant

  • After dinner integration circle


Saturday, Feb 17

  • Morning circle

  • Departure after breakfast

  • Airport drop off in Liberia or San Jose

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site

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Meet Your Facilitators

Caroline Dalton Energy Practitioner


For Caroline’s labels, she is a multidimensional coach, 5D activator, psychic medium, mother and CEO. Her educational journey has certified her as a Reiki Master, Sound Healer & Alchemist , and Meditation and Kundalini Teacher.


Like many, Caroline has journeyed through childhood traumas and abuse, addictions, unhealthy relationships, suicide of her sibling, and death of a parent that left her to pick up all the pieces. She has also been blessed with a beautiful family, started and sold a 6 figure company, created her own abundance in wealth, manifested property around the globe, and lives a beautiful life.


Caroline has been able to crack the codes and truly live her soul potential. She had and still has a team of mentors and healers walking alongside her, and she is here to be on your team to walk alongside you. To raise your vibration, meeting you in the moment, clearing density and creating space, preparing your container so you can crack the codes and unlock your soul potential.


Danette Polzin of Wild Woods Wellness


Danette goes by many titles: mom, wellness professional, writer, copyeditor. But ultimately, she is a multidimensional healer, manifester, and psychic intuitive who channels all aspects into one. She is a bridge builder; a conduit between heaven and earth, bridging body, mind, and soul with earth and spirit. Deeply connected to nature, Danette is a plant communicator in touch with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the plant allies. She connects the spirits of the natural world to the spirit within. As an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, she is a heart-centered wise woman with a mission on this planet to help others live wild and well.


Her life so far has been quite the journey. Danette has participated in many different teachings, and her work has been to beautifully weave them together with her own life experiences, hardships, struggles, and transformations to create her unique imprint on this world. Join her in learning to live your most wild and well life.

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site


Post-Retreat Support

Danette will send you home with a couple easy-to-pack Wild Woods goodies (all-natural, essential-oil based body products). And once at home, you will receive additional gifts from both Danette and Caroline. Caroline will send you a soul frequency recording—a crystal singing bowl session attuned to your birth chart. Danette will send you an oracle reading to help guide your path forward after the retreat.


Both of these will be downloadable so that you can listen as many times as you need! You will also have personal contact information for both Caroline and Danette should you need to request additional support for your integration and expansion.

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site



What is a frequency activation?


We all came here with our own unique soul blueprint; our personal frequency. And this is the thing…everything is frequency. The chair you are sitting on, the device you are reading this on, you yourself all emit frequency. So does the earth, plants, trees, water, stars, planets, and sun. Sound is a frequency. Energy is a frequency. When we talk about “good or bad vibes,” we are talking about frequency. When we recognize these vibrations, energies, or frequencies as feeling good or bad, we are ultimately deciphering whether they align with our own frequency or not.


There are many, many factors that interfere with our connection to our soul frequency, that pure source blueprint we arrived with. And there are many, many ways to remove those interferences to get back to that true alignment. That source or soul frequency within. Caroline and Danette both have their own unique methods of activating this within themselves and others and that is exactly what they will be doing and sharing with you during this retreat. This will be done through crystal singing bowl sessions, plant and earth connection and communication, and so much more.


It is a journey that will help bring you back home to yourself; a journey that you will not forget and will leave you forever changed in beautiful and amazing ways.


What do I pack?


Don’t fret! Once you are signed up, we will email you a recommended packing list.


Can you meet my special dietary requirements?


Absolutely! Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian? No problem, we have you covered.


What about drinking water?


Here’s another AMAZING thing about Costa Rica. The tap water is incredibly clean and pure. You can drink straight from the tap in most of the country, including at our lodge. Plastic, disposable water bottles are largely frowned upon in the country and many national parks have actually banned them. Your packing list includes a reusable water bottle and if you are concerned about tap water, we recommend purchasing and bringing a reusable water bottle with a filter intended for international travel.


Can I book a private room?


We are reluctant to say yes, but we can be flexible to accommodate this for a maximum of two rooms (so it would be on a first come, first serve basis). And there will be an upcharge for this so please contact one of us to discuss further. Part of the adventure is making new friends. Our rooms are double and triple occupancy so if you’re not signing up with a friend, we encourage you to stay open, brave, and maybe slightly uncomfortable (hint: discomfort=growth) and let spirit align you with an AWESOME roommate.


Will I have downtime to simply relax?


Yes! We feel that downtime for rest, relaxation, and integration is important. This time will be built in, and know that you always have the option to opt out of activities. If you are not early to rise, certainly don’t have to attend an early morning session. Or if you’re early to bed, you can skip the evening wellness session. You have lots of choice here.


Will I have access to WiFi?


Although we really encourage you to disconnect to reconnect, the lodge does provide free high-speed WiFi.


Is my flight included? And what airport do I fly into?


You are responsible for your flight and getting yourself to your designated pickup location on Monday morning. You can choose to fly into either Liberia or San Jose. We will pick up (and drop off) from either location. Remember that international travel is unpredictable and we highly recommend giving yourself lots of time. We suggest arriving a day early to ensure flight delays do not cause you to miss your Monday morning transportation. And we will get you back to the airport on Saturday afternoon and if you are not extending your stay in the country, we also recommend that you fly out the next day so that you do not miss a flight if there are transportation delays on the road (which is very common in Costa Rica).


Is it safe to travel in CR?


Absolutely. Danette has personally traveled in Costa Rica as a solo female traveler. She felt safe and welcome the entire time, making for an incredible experience that she highly recommends. Costa Rica is a very family and tourist-oriented country with a friendly and welcoming population. Furthermore, note that all bedrooms in the lodge have individually keyed deadbolts and the property is gated and locked.


More questions that aren’t answered here? Want to connect by email or get on the phone with us to discuss further? No problem. Either email Caroline at or Danette at today and we will be happy to assist you.


We hope that you will come experience the Pura Vida way of life!

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site


Your Investment & Other Info

All-Inclusive Rate: $3888 

  • A $500 deposit is required at the time of booking in order to hold your spot.

  • You will be directed to fill in a booking form and provide us with further details.

  • Payment plans are available; please select a payment schedule from the booking form that works for you and we will adjust accordingly.

  • Once your deposit is paid, there are no refunds or cancellations unless your space can be filled. If you absolutely can't attend and your space cannot be filled, we will discuss options with you for future credit.

Important notes:

  • Rooms are double and triple occupancy; please let us know if you are intending to share your room with another retreat participant, otherwise you will be assigned a roommate.

  • You will be given a pick up time and location near Liberia or San Jose airport for transportation to the lodge at approximately 8am on Monday, February 12. You will depart back to Liberia or San Jose before lunch on Saturday, February 17.

  • Please notify us of food allergies and special dietary requirements upon registering. *We will be spending a day in La Fortuna and you will be responsible for purchasing your lunch at a restaurant of your choosing that day; lunch is included all other days

*You will be directed to the booking form on Caroline's site



#6 - 223 16th Ave. N

Creston, BC

By Appointment Only




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