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How do you nourish yourself? Your mind, your body, your soul. Do you give yourself enough care and attention?

Nourishment is tied to our authenticity, our love and acceptance. Not caring for ourselves is self-neglect and abandonment. It leaves us feeling depleted.

Bring awareness to this area of your life and pay attention to whether you're healthfully nourishing yourself, giving in to cravings or impulses, or neglecting.

Start with the basics. Sleep, food, exercise, touch. As you explore and notice where changes may be needed, remember to be gentle with yourself. Take small steps. This is not a place to fall into judgment and victimization. This is a place for full-on self-love and acceptance.

If you find places where a craving, impulse, or toxic behaviour is masking as an act of nourishment, give gratitude instead of beating yourself up. Thank yourself or spirit for helping you see clearly and empower yourself with an action plan for change. Commit to yourself to do the work needed to transform on a deeper inner level.

Healthy nourishment is always rooted in truth, love, acceptance, and joy. When you become aware of and break patterns and behaviours that are not nourishing you, it can feel really uncomfortable. That's ok. That's perfectly normal. And it's beautiful. Growth is rarely comfortable.

As you move through this, don't be afraid to go deep. Nourish your childhood wounds. Learn to set firm and loving boundaries for yourself and others. Be ok with making mistakes or "failing." Make a list of small acts of nourishment that you can turn to in times of stress. Hugging someone you love, standing barefoot on the earth, quietly drinking a cup of herbal tea, taking a warm bath, dancing, doing yoga...learn how to best support yourself.

Nourishment is necessary.

When I'm not caring for myself, my mind drops into fear and stories so much more easily, my emotions rise and sadness, anxiety, and anger more easily take the lead, I feel disconnected and scattered, and my body becomes restless.

Notice how your body tells you what's up. And then take the time to ground and love on yourself.

You deserve to be nourished, and that is something only you can do for yourself.

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