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Mother, I Feel You

When her tears pour like a river and her voice howls like a lion,

Answer her call.

Cleanse your shit.

Strip bare and raw.

Embrace the madness and magic of her dark embrace and dance wickedly and wildly under her stormy skies and stars, in her sacred waters, on her fertile soil.

Cleanse, release, open, expand.

Feel all of her creation rumbling and breathing and coming to life right there.

Inside of you.

Mother, I feel you.

{{ If more women danced naked together under the night sky in the mud and rain, this world would become a different place very quickly. Get to the you who is delighted in this thought, not terrified by it. That woman is loving and ferocious. She takes no shit. And transforming herself to transform the world around her becomes her soul mission. This woman is pure wild magic }}

《《 PS - "Mother I Feel You" is a reference to a beautiful chant 》》

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