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The Medicine Seekers

I continue to be called back to that day with the ocelot. Standing deep in the Costa Rican jungle in a spot where so few are blessed to stand. I asked spirit for jaguar medicine, and the cat medicine was delivered and received. A medicine that the very keeper of the land had yet to receive up to that day.

I was not to underestimate the depth and power of the medicine given, as such, the medicine carried within myself. A mysterious and elusive power animal, a master of the shadows. A symbol of the medicine both carried and delivered.

You see, I am a conduit, a guide, for those who dare brave the depths of their shadows. I can walk the seekers through the deepest, darkest spaces within themselves, alchemizing and returning to the light.

But the medicine seekers, they require so much more than desire. They require faith, trust, and an unbending willingness to sit in the darkness and move through the discomfort. And I have been provided with the full spectrum of the seeker. Those who leap with faith, those who hesitate with trepidation, and those who hold the desire, but downright refuse the process.

Many will seek. Not all will receive. But the medicine is still to be carried. To be offered. And this was my message.

My path has been one of coming into my root and sacral. Of coming into my own. Of being confident in myself regardless of external events.

Do I know who I am? Can I stand strong in who I am? Can I stay anchored and rooted in myself even in the strongest of storms? Even when my medicine is spat back into my face and proclaimed as garbage or poison?

Of course I can. And I will. 

And I know that I can always call on the ocelot to show me the way when I feel myself being weathered by the storms that I face.

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