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Assumptions & Awareness

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

Yesterday's post covered conditions and now we're landing on assumptions. Another one of these obstacles that trip us up when we're trying to move toward what we want.

It's SO easy to make assumptions. For many of us, it's ingrained, our conditioning has almost wired our brains for it. We like to know what's going on and if we don't, we often assume and may not even be consciously aware that we're doing it.

Of course I've been on both ends and as I have worked to make less and less assumptions, I also become more aware of the assumptions others make about me.

One that comes up from time to time is that people assume that they're not important or don't matter because I'm not meeting their expectations. It goes something like "you don't text or call enough," or "you don't hang out or spend time with me enough."

Here's the thing though...assumptions are usually self-centered and we often assume things are about us, and they're not.

My reality is that between working and being a single mom, there's some weeks where I barely have time to take care of myself. Like this week, my dishes are overflowing, my laundry is piling up, my lawn needs mowed, my courses and projects are unattended...the list goes on.

And this isn't a pity party, just a reality check that we don't always see what's under the surface or behind the scenes in people's lives.

When we start assuming, we create entire stories in our heads that often are not grounded in truth at all.

Now, that said, this can get tricky when for empaths and intuitives. Because we pick up all kinds of things that aren't being said. Picking up a vibe or having a knowing is one thing, but we still need to have the awareness not to run with it, turning it into an assumption and weaving a story out of it.

So the invitation here is to gain self-awareness and notice where you're making assumptions in your life. And any time you're feeling unsure, rather than jumping to conclusions, either ask or give it space.

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