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The Medicine of Larch

Standing in awe, soaking in the wisdom, my friend remarked, "She must feel so naked. You know, without her needles, until the snow falls."

I sat with the inquiry for a moment and replied, "Maybe she feels light and free, having let go."

Larch are amazing. They stand so brilliant and glowing. Soft yet strong, bringing us so much wisdom. They’re at their most glorious as they prepare to drop their needles for the winter.

To some, what could be seen as a loss of life. But the larch knows that there’s no fear in the loss. It’s simply a part of the cycle of life. Her firm roots give her a foundation and prepare her for the cold and dark stillness of winter.

She doesn’t waiver in her strength. She knows that spring will follow, rebirth will happen, new needles will grow, and she will continue to thrive, just as she has always done.

Larch is durable, tough, and rot-resistant. The most destructive of forces can come at her and she doesn’t let it take her down. She teaches us how to protect ourselves, overcome obstacles, and enhance our self-confidence. She inspires us, opens up our creativity, and gives voice to our hearts. She can help us balance our hearts and minds with our will and desire.

Welcome in the wisdom of the larch; soften into your heart space while standing strong in your resolve, don’t let negativity undermine you, trust in the cycles of life and the changes they bring, and don’t be afraid to shine and stand tall in your magnificent brilliance!

And when it's time to let go, do so with ease and grace. Trust and surrender.

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