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The Goddess Tree

We were walking through a park when I saw her. "Oh my, look at her labia! Now there's a goddess tree if I ever saw one!" I exclaimed.

He gave me the sideways smirk he sometimes does when I get so excited over nature. And gave me the moment I needed with this beautiful tree.

I hugged her and held her, letting her hold me. Dropping in through my breath, into my sacral, coming into heart-to-heart coherence with this incredible and lovely being.

What a gift.

I took this picture and knew that I would have words to share. But the words that have come are somewhat surprising.

Because just last night, I learned of a woman on Vancouver Island who is being torn through the media, both news and social, for "coming out" about her relationship with an oak tree.

A beautiful moment that she shared and is now being twisted and turned from energy and metaphor to some sort of divisive ecological gender issue.

The absurdity. Of people. Of the world. Of this matrix that we live in.

I'm in relationship with many trees so what? I guess that makes me a polyamorous ecosexual.

Okay, jokes aside...

Why would we need to hang witches when we can metaphorically hang them in the media?

Thankfully this is a woman who knows herself and is secure in her own skin. She sees the comic and humour in the situation and it surely won't slow her down. If anything, it will fuel her fire further.

Because women like her, women like me, women like you reading this, we can't be stopped. We won't be stopped. We have too much knowledge, wisdom, and magic to impart to those who are longing for more and different in this broken world.

I recently saw a post in my personal newsfeed where someone said that, among many things, believing that you're one with nature is satanic.

Come again, please. What?!?!

I'm not even going to dive into this at the level I'd like to. But I will yell it from the mountain tops. WE ARE ONE WITH NATURE.

All of nature, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the streams, they all have a spirit and they all have a frequency. Nature and her plant allies are our greatest teachers.

Those who walked this earth well before a religion was ever written knew this. They knew more than we can even fathom at this moment in time.

One of my deepest relationships is the one that I have with nature. I commune with her. She comes to me in my sleep and in my dreams. She constantly whispers in my ear. She calls me to immerse myself in all her beauty, grandeur, and desire.

I long for a world that reconnects to nature. That reconnects to the very thing the ancients tended to and cherished.

It is my hope for humankind. And with that, I will leave you with an invitation.

Go out there and get naked in nature. Dance with her, let her dance with you, in you, through you.

Let her show you how it feels to be in your body. To feel alive.

Let her show you all she knows.

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