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~ Big Questions ~

I often refer to this world as The Matrix. The movie seems much closer to documentary than science fiction if you ask me.

I often look around and wonder how any of this is real. It feels like a simulation or video game. Or a poorly directed movie where the plot lines are so obvious, you don’t want to waste another minute watching it.

Today on my walk, I was pondering questions like:

How did we get here? Who put us here?

Why did we come here?

Was it really to live like this?

I can’t believe that “Yes” is the answer to that last question.

I look around at the world that has been created for us and that we actively contribute to and participate in.

How much we consume. How much we waste. How many people work jobs that are destroying their hearts and souls in order to pay their bills for all their stuff they have to own.

How horribly we treat ourselves, each other, and our planet.

And how afraid we are to change any of it.

Our fear of loss—which is ultimately a fear of death—runs so deep that it keeps us gripped in lives of misery that are destroying our bodies, minds, hearts, and earth.

Is this not absurd?

Did we really come here to lead these lives?

I can’t imagine many people giving this a truthful yes. Yet any time we talk about changing it, the fear kicks in and the mind traps us. I hear it all the time. I’m met with:

What happens if I lose my job? What happens if I can’t pay my mortgage? What happens if my marriage ends or I can’t go on expensive vacations at luxury resorts?

Attachment combined with fear of the unknown keeps us trapped in lives we don’t even want to be living.

I get it. I’ve been there. And letting go and losing close to everything I worked for and created was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Because I gained everything.

I realized that anything that I lose was never mine to begin with.

I developed a faith and trust in the universe that can only be experienced, not explained.

And I understood that when I make choices truly from my heart and soul, the universe—God, spirit, source, something out there bigger than myself—supports me.

When I think about how we can create a collective shift, it feels overwhelming and impossible. I am reminded to come back to myself.

All I can do is be me and shine a light for others who want to find their way. And hope that they’ll join me.

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