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Becoming a Wild, Wise Woman

Sometimes I do strange things like pack around a single pair of jeans for 14 years because "one day" I WILL fit into them again. And here we are.

I've struggled with weight all my life and that didn't change until I truly changed my relationship with myself and my body. Turning 40 was an amazing milestone in so many ways I never would have expected.

A couple weeks ago, I went on a date with a man who I guessed was quite a bit younger than me. But hey, he was super cute, interesting, and interested, so why not? We had a great time. Great connection. And we shared a great laugh when we learned that I was 40 and he was in fact, 24.

And to think that women have been trained to fear growing old. I think it's because wild, wise women who don't give a fuck and live life on their own terms are the biggest threat to this matrix we live in.

Ladies, please join me in boldly and unapologetically living life YOUR WAY and let's burn this bullshit world to the ground once and for all.

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