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Rising Light

There is a great light rising on this planet and it's beautiful and amazing. However, there is also a dark energy lurking around trying to run interference.

This is not something to fear. I need to stress not to give it fear. But I feel called to share this to help you have awareness so you can stop it in its tracks.

You may experience a sense of heaviness around you, feel a "bad vibe," or it could come through a person in hateful or attacking behaviour directed toward you.

Especially in the case of a person, it is imperative to ignore it and DO NOT engage. Do not give it or the person any of your time or energy whatsoever. All this will do is weigh you down and diminish your own light.

Instead, if needed, remove yourself from the person or situation, and draw your awareness back into yourself. Do this with a smile on your face and an open heart. Take a deep breath bringing it all the way down to your feet. Feel your feet firmly planted and connected to the earth. With your next breath, come into your core. Feel the strength and light in your core and as you exhale, push this light out all around you. Surrounding your physical body and your entire energy field in a bubble of light. Like a shield that no lower frequencies can enter.

This will strengthen you and protect your energy field and the more you do it, the stronger your internal light will become.

The light of the planet is growing and you can believe in your heart and soul that it will not be stopped. Imagine your light field connecting through a web with the millions of others across the world and the army of light will rise.

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