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Reconnecting to Nature

This may look like an overgrown stump to you, but it's an altar of sorts to me. It's a place where I give back to the earth.

Rather than throwing dead flowers in the garbage, or 'scraps' from whatever witchy creation I'm making, I bring it out here and offer it back in gratitude.

I hadn't been out here in a bit and was surprised to come out and find these incredible mushrooms growing in abundance in a complete circle around the stump. I've never seen this before. It made me smile. It felt like a thank you, keep it coming.

And this amaryllis bulb. I thought it was dead. So out here to the altar stump it went. I was also surprised to find it sitting here on the ground thriving with a bloom starting. Back into a pot and into the house she went!

Our connection to the earth and plant world is so important. It's something that many have lost, and if you take a step back and look around, you may realize that Mama Gaia and her allies are crying out.

I encourage everyone to do their hearts, souls, and the world a favour and reconnect.

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