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~ Not Doing ~

Why do you have to do anything?

The wise words of my coach that keep coursing through me.

After listening to me talk about various things happening in my life, she pointed out how many times I said, "I don't know what to do."

And that's when she said, "Why do you have to do anything?"

Well, shit.

You know when something is so profound it just stops you. That was one of those moments.


As I explore and strengthen my relationship with the divine feminine, I'm learning to lean deeper and deeper into the unknown. Flowing in that void like never before.

Not always an easy task. Especially for a person whose breaking the lifelong conditioning and programming that led her to become a controlling alpha female.

Another amazing point my coach made is that being open is not an action. It's not necessarily something that we need to be "working on" and putting energy behind. Being open just is in the way that love or truth or faith just is.

Wow. I love these epiphany moments. I love how we can keep unraveling layers to make our way to the juicy core of our selves. The places that are deep, real, and raw.

This year has already been so transformative for me. I feel the medicine of the snake shedding skin more deeply than ever.

As I'm learning to flow more freely and openly, coming up against the polarity of taking action, I'll keep bringing myself back to that core question:

Why do I need to do anything?

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