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The Medicine of Yarrow

This beauty right here is yarrow. You have probably seen her in the forest, and likely have her growing right in your backyard. Possibly even believing that she's a weed!

Far from a weed indeed, if you've ever tried to purchase yarrow essential oil, you likely gasped and held on to the counter when you saw the price.

Last night I was ordering some product and when I went to add yarrow to the cart, something nagged at me not to. So I listened and skipped it. Later in the evening, I was outside dealing with sprinklers and walked into the backyard to find yarrow popped up all over. I smiled as I realized that's why I was nudged not to add it to my cart.

With this beauty, there is much more than meets the eye. Yarrow is a plant of strength and grace. That is the medicine that she offers us.

She's incredibly resilient. She's also protective and helps bring us courage and even love. Yarrow is a connector, rooted in the earth, but connected to the universe, and she beautifully balances feminine and masculine energies and upholds boundaries. We can invite yarrow in to support us in doing the same.

Physically, yarrow can assist with respiratory issues from viruses, digestive issues, depression/anxiety, inflammation, and can even be applied topically to sores or cuts. She's a great first aid plant.

And the best part is that right now is the perfect time for you to wildcraft and create. You can use yarrow to make teas, tinctures, and your own oil (using olive or another carrier oil). There are many things you can make, and many different ways to use and work with yarrow.

Start by getting quiet with her and see how she wants to show up for you!

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