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The Growth Spiral

Sometimes the universe sends us opportunities to see how far we've come. These may be subtle, maybe even somber, and sometimes they can be huge and momentous.

Either way, we benefit if we pause in the moment and celebrate our win. Because it is a win. There is a past version of ourselves that longed to be in the position we find ourselves in today.

That's a big deal.

And other times, these opportunities arise and they end up showing us that we're not there yet. It can be easy to label these moments as having failed or being stuck.

It's important not to get hung up on these traps of our minds, and even more so important not to beat ourselves up over it.

After all, we're in this world as humans.

We are best-served to be honest with ourselves and thank the universe for the reflection we've been given.

Now we have clarity to move forward. And we'll be that much more ready to step when the next opportunity presents itself.

Remember that our paths are not linear. Sometimes the circle we feel like we're spinning in is actually a tightly wound spiral and we need to lean into trust and faith that we will be guided beyond it.

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