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Activating the Solar Plexus

There's a Solar Plexus activation taking place. You may be feeling it physically and/or energetically in your upper abdomen and mid-back.

This is where your I AM presence resides. The higher self. Your feeling body. Courage, willpower, strength, determination, and the shadows that push against those things.

We have an opportunity to work with these energies. The Solar Plexus is the domain of the liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, and upper digestive tract.

This area is always on, cleansing, processing, detoxifying, purging...separating what is and isn't needed and aiding the digestive and waste processes.

Think about that on a grander scale than your body. This is what's being amplified in your life. And if you're fighting against or resisting what needs to be cleansed and purged, as well as what's coming in to be integrated (digested), it's going to manifest as pain and sickness...physically, mentally, emotionally.

The Solar Plexus is ruled by Jupiter. This is a joyful planet brimming with abundance and good fortune. This is the energy that flows through a healthy Solar Plexus. A place of expansion, generosity, honesty, and integrity.

Jupiter is joining Mars for a little dance at the end of this month. You may feel a burst of inner fire and doors opening and opportunities arising that support your growth and future. Come at this from the soul, not the ego. (Note that Fire is the ruling element of the Solar Plexus, fueled by Mars rising from the Root and through the Sacral.)

And let's talk a little about yellow. The colour most commonly associated with the Solar Plexus. I've personally been noticing all the yellow things grabbing my attention lately. Some orange too...Sacral integration.

I've been working a lot with the dandelions. Their medicine has been calling and in true Jupiter fashion, they're an abundant and generous plant. (Think about the yellow plants, fruits, and vegetables. They often grow easily and in abundance given the right conditions...)

I've been picking fresh dandelions to make tea at least once a day. And I picked quite a few right from the roots to make whole plant tincture. There are so many creative things you can do to incorporate dandelion into your life, and yellow in general.

As you do, pay attention to subtle--and not so subtle--changes to your physical and energetic/emotional bodies. They will happen. Awareness, perspective, and wisdom come together to help you process and integrate beautifully.

And a note about dandelions...the stems can act as a digestive stimulant (aka laxative), so start small and work your way up. And when it comes to making more potent brews or tinctures, especially using the leaves and roots, make sure you don't have a condition or medication that is contraindicated. This is of course important with any plant medicine.

When picking, try connecting to the plant from your heart and sharing your gratitude. Of course avoid areas that have been sprayed, have heavy traffic, or dogs/animals potentially peeing on them. If you notice bees or other critters feasting, move on to other flowers or wait until they move on. And leave an offering to give back to the plant beings and Mama Earth.

All of these things help shift our relationship with nature, thereby shifting our relationships with each other and ourselves.

The circle of life.

Step by step, day by day, piece by piece, returning to our own wild nature.

Time to tune in and turn up the energy in that Solar Plexus!

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