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Showing Up

I've been quiet in the social media space. For a number of reasons.

One being that I just spent three weeks traveling the Philippines by myself with my two boys. That was one hell of an experience that challenged me, rewarded me, and pushed my growth edges like never before. It was beautiful and amazing and hard and frustrating and everything in between.

The other thing is that often when the seasons and tides of life are shifting, there's a natural instinct to withdraw. So many of us are being called to show up to life in new ways, different ways. I'd actually suggest that each and every one of us on the planet are being called, but not all are choosing to listen and lean in.

As we navigate this space, there can be a need to step back, to be quiet. And this can feel challenging, especially in a social media space, in a world that demands us to always be on, to always be available.

That paradigm is bullshit. I'm not here to follow rules and fit in boxes, and neither are so many of you. We are the witches, the shakers, the rebels, creators and makers. If that means I miss a follower or don't grow my audience, so be it.

I will never show up anywhere as something I'm not.

I invite you to do the same.

And in all this, I look forward to continuing to connect with you here and in my studio, as I'm always available, within reason, to those who want to book sessions.

There are many spaces that I'm committed to showing up fully and regularly. Social media isn't one of them. But just remember that doesn't mean that I'm not here. It's, in fact, just the opposite.

I hope that you find your way to all the things that are beautiful and fulfilling and heartbreaking and aching, living life to its fullest, throwing the "rules" into the fire, showing up as the best version of you, whatever that is on any given day.

Make this year count in all the ways that mean something to you.

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