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I've been spending time with the idea of paradox lately...the weaving together of seemingly opposite energies in beautiful and harmonious ways.

This dropped in earlier this week as I climbed up through the forest with the sun on my face and rain at my back, breeze in my hair and earth under my feet. Immersed in the paradox of the elements.

Marveling at the diversity of the fabrics and textures of nature, making my way along a marsh in awe of the rich colour and paradoxical energy of the blooming skunk cabbage.

What was intended to be a short walk along Summit Creek turned into an undeniable pull up the mountain. When I reached the swamp and took in the medicine that surrounded me, I could feel the mountain still calling me forward.

No food or water, questionable footwear, I followed the pull. I have always heard of the waterfall up Mt. Creston, but I was yet to trek up there. Until this week.

Just over 3km up and 450 metres gain, it's definitely a grind. And as I stood there and debated following the urge, fully aware of my lack of food, water, and appropriate footwear, I chuckled a little thinking that not an hour earlier, my friend and I were discussing these very moments over coffee.

I made a deal with myself that I could always turn around if I needed to and away I went. But I know how this goes. Somewhere along the way my masculine drive kicks in, almost an internal competitiveness, and pushes me to just keep going.

Ah, that solar plexus energy of the skunk cabbage blooms. Adversity, strength, perseverance. Indeed.

As I reached the waterfall, I wondered how I've lived here all these years and never did this hike before. It's truly beautiful. There's definitely some magic on that mountain.

I splashed in the waterfall, soaked my feet, took giant drinks of the fresh mountain water, and resisted the urge to strip naked and plunge right in.

Making my way back down, I reflected on how unexpected and amazing my "little walk" turned out to be, and how off track my day had become.

But sometimes none of that matters. Sometimes the mountains call and to them you must go in order to feed your heart and soul.

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