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Spiritual BS

There's this facade that runs through many spiritual communities about "right" behaviour and how we should show ourselves to the world.

That when life gets rough and emotions get heavy, we need to show up all shiny and love and light as to not tarnish our spiritual image. Because we're so "woke," god forbid we ever show up messy and bruised.

This belief system denies our humanity. It denies our ability and need to sit with, feel, and work through pain. And it's harmful.

Let's move on from polished spirituality, shall we?

Life has moments when it's hard. It's gritty. It's messy. It fucking hurts to your core and rips you wide open. And that in itself is beautiful.

We need to embrace those moments. We need to embrace ourselves in those moments. We need to show up with our tears pouring and wounds gaping and have the freedom to say "I'm a mess right now." And know and trust that it makes us no less of a spiritual person. It makes us no less awakened. It makes us no less as teachers, leaders, or healers, however those roles show up in our lives.

In fact, it makes us more. It allows us to be real in our human-ness and honour our paths on this earth while still holding hands with the divine.

Vulnerability is fucking beautiful.

So don't be afraid. To say I'm feeling angry. I'm feeling sad. I'm struggling right now. I'm feeling broken.

We all are at times. And bringing it forward and showing up in it with your heart bleeding on your sleeve will serve you 1000x more than burying it under a shiny spiritual veneer ever will.


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