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The Mystery of Life

Life is a mystery packed with both magic and misery, triumph and tragedy.

We truly never know what lies up ahead. We can worry about it, create stories, develop goals, make plans, but not one of us knows what the path ahead holds.

I've learned over the years that my energy is best spent in presence. Leaning into the abyss, resting into the void, surrendering to the veil of fog, accepting that I'm in control of very little.

Some days are easier than others to plunge into the divine feminine waters of life. Some days the water is crystal clear, others it is murky and dark. Some days I step into the flow with ease and others I fight being ripped apart in the current with all my might.

It is presence that helps me navigate whatever the waters bring. Whatever forms from the fog. A willingness to be here now with whatever is; a place that isn't always easy to access. But always worthwhile.

The mystery of life is complex, beautiful, magical, and everything in between. We're all out here floating in the abyss together so let's make it as peaceful and meaningful as we can, shall we?

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