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Breaking the Spiritual Wealth Matrix

The pursuit of money at all costs--pursuit as a top priority--is destroying our planet and the fabric of humanity. This detrimental mindset is negatively effecting every one of us, whether we want to see it or not.

Slapping a spiritual mask on it and labeling it 5D, abundance, wealth mindset, or whatever other fluffy language does not change its roots.

Abundance, wealth, and prosperity are far far greater reaching than money in the bank. And it's my opinion that we will struggle to ever achieve a shift in collective consciousness without shifting our money mindset.

A conversation that I'm not seeing in many circles. In fact, when I see folks bringing this question into certain spiritual circles online, their comments are being attacked or deleted. Some leaders and gurus are not even open to the question being raised or made visible to their communities.

Money is not evil. But our current relationship with it as a collective is deeply problematic.

My latest blog post reflects deeper on this controversial and triggering topic.

I invite you to dive in:

Life isn't all 'love and light.'

For me, shining my light into the world means shining my light into the darkness too. There's an entire half of life that we miss if we refuse to do this, only keeping our heads in the love and light clouds.

I would suggest that this type of spiritual bypassing will leave you constantly seeking, longing for a feeling of wholeness.

The shadows must be addressed. I feel that we are living in times where this is being shown to us. In my life and work, I've been asked to show up in some pretty dark places, having prickly conversations, and standing in corners that would make many others run.

These moments have been rich and meaningful, connecting me deeper to myself and all of humanity. As time passes, I feel called to shine a light into other corners. And there's a really big one that's been heavy on my mind and heart for some time now.

A dark underbelly of the spiritual community. One that commodifies and commercializes our self-development and sells us on the never-ending pursuit of money and wealth. The underbelly that always leaves us searching for more, the next best program, the next best teacher. Bigger. Better. More expensive.

The one that makes you question your worth and growth, asking "What am I doing wrong that I can't afford this $30,000 mystery school, $15,000 trip with a shaman, or $10,000 masterclass that will surely teach me how to be better?"

The answer is nothing. You are doing nothing wrong.

I might suggest that the only thing 'wrong' is the question that you're asking.

What about, "Why do I feel that these shiny price tags and polished packages will make me better?"

Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure that you would get something from these programs. I have no doubt that these teachers have value, wisdom, and knowledge.

We all do. However, I believe that we don't have to cash in our life savings to develop ourselves further. I believe that all the wisdom and knowledge that the planet and cosmos hold is available to each and every one of us. Without the heavy price tag.

Now let's take a step back here for a second.

Was this approach the way of our ancestors? Was the sharing of wisdom and knowledge only reserved for the most wealthy in a society?

I think not.

And is this approach actually a disservice to humanity? We're here to uplift humanity and raise consciousness, but only for those who are willing to prove their worth by how many dollars they can spend?

The marketing pitch goes something like, "But you're worth it. You need to commit to yourself and own your value. If the money isn't available to you, then you need to address your money and manifestation blocks."

Oh, really?

Again, I agree that there is power in manifestation.

Manifestation for the highest good, not for the ego.

I personally live in a faith and trust that I'm cared for and will be provided with what I need. I believe that the world and universe holds a multitude of potential and opportunities. I also acknowledge my point of privilege as a white woman living in Canada. And that all that I have access to is not a given and could change at any moment.

Is anyone going to walk up to an African American living in the projects or someone living in Somalia or North Korea and tell them that they just need to work on their manifestation and money blocks?

I'd sure hope not.

I simply cannot buy into the spiritual wealth matrix. It doesn't align for me and doesn't feel like the path or approach that's going to make a collective difference.

I am certain that you can find more affordable---albeit less glamorous and Instagram-worthy---ways to expand your awareness and raise your consciousness. And it's important to me to build community that supports this notion.

Now, we also need to acknowledge the world that we live in currently. It's based on money. Money is not evil, and there's nothing wrong with prosperity either.

There's certainly a balance to be found here.

Costs are rising for almost everything. We all have food to buy and bills to pay. And we'd all like to have a little extra to do things that we love, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

This is where I find myself sitting lately, exploring this balance. Looking at the ways in which I can be more giving and yet still receive what I need with a little room for what I want.

We all have value and worth in this world and for those of us who work, money does play a part in this picture. This is a truth for the times we are in, and so I'm searching for the flexibility within the construct.

This is one of the reasons why I offer a sliding scale for my services. Flexibility. It works well for both me and my clients. I also try to keep my classes reasonable and with Women's Circle, I will never turn a woman away because she can't afford it. Sometimes I gift sessions. Sometimes I take less than what I've asked for because I see the need and benefit for the other person.

I'm having this conversation with other conscious creators, discussing ways that we can teach and share without money exchanging hands.

I'm putting together a coaching package where your first consult session is free so we can get to know each other and make sure it's a fit without you having to open your wallet to get inside the gates.

And when the next great teacher or guru comes along and says, "Oh my god, you're only charging $100 for a session? Let me show you how to get $500."

No. It's a hard no. That is not the pedestal that I want to stand on. That's not where I'm going.

No judgment or shame to those who do. Truly. It's just not my path and it's ok for me to use my voice to presence it because I know that I'm not alone on this.

And if all this means I need to live a more modest life in the meantime, so be it. If there's one thing that this pandemic has highlighted for me, it's that I can find more joy, love, and peace in less than I ever imagined. I'm really good with that and yet, I also have hope.

Hope that we can break this money construct that constrains and restricts us. Hope that each and every one of us on this planet will one day have the means to live rich and meaningful lives with warm houses and full bellies in safe communities where we are able to live and travel freely. Hope that our value, merit, and ability to have what we desire is not solely based on how much we have in the bank or other measures of inequality and inequity that program our existence.

Hope for a world where we can gather, share, laugh, dance, and create together and no one is worried about how they're going to feed their children or keep the roofs over their heads.

That's the world that I long for and the one that I'm committed to building. And it starts with the smallest of choices and actions that I take each day.

I do not buy into the spiritual wealth matrix and I'm giving voice to those who wish to join me.

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