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Say No to Hustle Culture

Last night, I had the joy of sitting in online community with the most wonderful women.

Some who have been pivotal in helping me find my way. Some who feel like old time friends, that I've been in community with for five years, and yet we've never even met in the flesh. Some who I had first witnessed and listened to last night.

We all showed up raw, real, and wanting to navigate this troubled world in a new way. A more meaningful way. And we engaged in such rich conversation.

I left with my heart full and feeling the entire spectrum of polarity from sadness to joy, grief to love, loss to life.

As I soaked in all the potent reflections and reminders, I reinforced within myself that I want to continue to lean deeper into flow in all aspects of my life.

Fuck hustle.

And in coming home, I was met in the kitchen by body butter that needed to be jarred, at 7pm. I could sense the choice before me. So I turned on the music, found my joyful presence, and got it done.

With ease. And grace.


And I heard, probably from somewhere deep down the line of my wise ancestors, "It doesn't matter what you're doing. You make a difference in the world by being."

What a gift.

I am so grateful for the webs of women, conscious, loving humans, spirits, and souls who weave around me. Support me. Inspire me. Challenge me.

May we all find our way, moving with ease and grace, in rhythm with the natural ebb and flow of all of life.

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