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Housework Always Waits

One thing I've learned in this life is that housework can always wait.

Long overdue morning coffee with a soul sister and a beautiful bike ride before the rain hits again definitely trumps staying home to do dishes and clean floors.

Life is always a balancing act for me between leaning into my wild and handling adult responsibilities. Both are important, but sometimes--maybe oftentimes--the wild takes priority. Because that's what fuels me to get through the other stuff without feeling caged.

When I allow that self to drive the bus...the one who jumps in with all the should be home cleaning up, doing laundry, yada yada yada...that's a sign for me to drop into my witness and see what's really going on. Because that's not the self I want running the show.

She's trauma-informed. A controlling perfectionist. Freaking out because a lot of life and the world is out of control so we gotta buckle down and control allllll the things we possibly can to feel at peace.

That's bullshit, but she's in there and she needs a little attention and acknowledgement from time to time.

But on days like today where I choose heart connection with a beautiful soul and nature knowing that I still have lots of time left to get other things done, with more peace and ease, she quiets down.

And my short bike ride turned into almost 13 amazing km in the wild with the medicine of the coyote, elk, hawk, and raven showing up. Surrounded by nature with no other noise.

I'll take that over washing dishes any day.

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