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Women Like Me

Women like me are hard to love.

It's true.

The kind of love that places conditions and demands expectations will never be met by a woman like me.

Unconditional, wild love will challenge you to your core.

Many are not ready for this kind of love.

Like the beckoning of a mesmerizing raging river, a mere dip of your toe into its edges will rip you in, plunging you to the depths, over your head, thrusting you over the crest of the cascading waterfall.

Making your life flash before your eyes, taking you to places you've never met, opening you to sights unseen.

Oh yes, women like me are hard to love.

For those who don't dare to dive beyond the surface. To ride the wild, raging rapids. To get their feet too close to the edge. To run free in an expansive meadow of fierce divine femininity. For those unable to leap faithfully into the expansive unknown.

For those who turn away and tremble in fear, women like me are best left alone. To run wild, untamed, howling half-naked somewhere under the moonlight with our shadows reflecting off deep, pure waters.

And for those brave enough to dive into our love, we'll meet you somewhere between the raging river and rising sun.

Tune your heart to the earth and you will find the way.

You will hear our song.

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