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~ Freedom ~

The energy has been dense.

I've been feeling constricted.

It has been manifesting as pain in my back.

I was feeling bound. By the world. By responsibility. By the past. Old hurts, heartaches, stories.

But none of that belongs to me. It's not mine to carry. To own. To hold. Maybe it was at one time, but not now.

As I sat up on the mountain, reminding myself of this...

That freedom is not something that we find out there.

It's something that we find right here. Inside.

As I sat and regained perspective, the wind began to blow, harder and harder, shattering my chains. And the sun started to shine through the dark, and I could feel it.

The remembering rising up from the Earth through my body.

Healing is freedom.

Letting go is freedom.

Opening your heart is freedom.

The world can keep its poison. I choose freedom. I choose love. I choose peace.

And this is my work. My passion. My wish. For all the other wild hearts to choose freedom too.

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