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The Path to Forgiveness

During our retreat in Costa Rica, we talked a lot about forgiveness.

At one point, Caroline said, "Can you sit at the table and have a coffee?"

That question stuck with me and as I sat with it later on, I landed on him.

No, I can't.

It's been three years or so now and in an instant, in that moment, it revealed the bitterness and resentment that I was still harbouring in my heart. Unknowingly.

With that realization, I burst into tears and was overwhelmed with a wave of love. I do not want to hold this. I do not want to carry this any longer.

And around this time that I sat with this newly revealed layer within myself, I also witnessed someone who was hurting and reacting from their own wounded space within. Although I was not lashing out, I was looking in a mirror to that same space within myself that was holding on to hurt.

The space that was hurting no one but me.

So I let it go. I released its grip. With love, compassion, and forgiveness for all, including myself.

I set my heart free, and, in metaphor, now I can sit at the table and have coffee.

And that's a beautiful and liberating thing.

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