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~ Faith ~

You are a part of a divine plan. A greater cosmic order than what appears before you in this matrix unreality.

The larch does not stress when it's needles drop in the fall. The maple does not fret the loss of its leaves. The flower does not worry about when it will bloom. The bud does not force its growth.

Nature just knows that there is a rhythm and timing to all of life. All creation. And it offers the wisdom of faith and trust to us.

I was reminded of this recently.

I had been beating myself up a bit that I had not been digging into my studies enough recently. Then this week, they started calling me to dive in. And when I created that space, the realization landed.

On the weekend, I participated in potent ascended masters' teachings. It was a light activation of sorts, related to the heart and feeling body.

And when I dug into my Alchemical Herbalism studies this was about the heart and feeling body. Because of the weekend's immersion in rich teachings, the herbalism lessons landed on a much deeper level than they would have if I studied them prior.

Wow. Trust. Have faith. Everything happens exactly when it is meant to.

Thank you, spirit, for the reminder.

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