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~ Expectations ~

Expectations are a funny thing, aren't they?

We live in a world overflowing with expectation. And when we don't have awareness around our expectations, it often leads to hurt, heartache, division, and projection.

Now don't get me wrong; some expectations are reasonable. But many of our expectations, especially when we project them on to others, are a window of opportunity; an invitation to look deeper within yourself to explore the roots of the expectation.

When you project your expectation on to someone else, you're trying to control a person, outcome, or situation that is outside of your control.

Instead, try holding your expectation with loving awareness and ask, "What is this telling me about myself?"

This is the space where you will transform or grow. And at the end of the day, if you're holding a reasonable expectation that someone cannot meet, your only point of control is to turn away and move on.

So how are you casting expectations on to others, and what can you do to course correct? Get curious and open up to what's lying underneath it.

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