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If There's One Thing...

If you've ever worked with me, you've likely heard me stress the importance of a daily practice.

These aren't just empty words that I preach. They are words that I live by. That I fully embody.

If there is ONE thing that you do, make it a daily practice.

I recommend the morning, as it sets the tone for your entire day. But what's most important is that you carve out the time that works for you, whenever that may be.

A glimpse into my world...

My mornings typically start at 5am. After a glass of water with lemon juice and mineral salts, I head for my mat. After a combination of stretching and kundalini yoga, I make myself a cup of coffee with collagen, MCT oil, and butter, quite possibly my favourite daily ritual! With coffee in hand, I pull a card for the day and journal.

This whole process is about an hour and a half. Sometimes shorter depending on what the day holds for me, and sometimes I do need a little extra sleep, which means a shorter practice. But I rarely skip it.

The thing is, my mind, body, and soul crave it. Even when there are loud parts of me that try to talk me out of it. I push through my own resistance and stay committed and dedicated, to myself.

And there are many other rituals, movement practices, and exercises that are weaved into my day. Start to finish.

How your practices and rituals look is unique to you. It's about finding what works for you. There are no rules. Play with it. Experiment. Push yourself. It's okay if it's uncomfortable, if you're grouchy and resistant to it. That means you're hitting your growth edges, and that's a good thing. Stay persistent, committed, and dedicated, and witness the positive shift within.

And note that every positive shift we make within is reflected without. This is universal law.

So what's your daily practice? What do you want to commit to?

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