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Build a Bigger Table

With "leaders" loudly promoting division in our homes, families, and hearts, I invite you to choose a different path.

In a world filled with fear, pain, and hate, take the way of the alchemist and transform that into love, peace, and hope.

Spend this time focused on gratitude and connection. Restore those places that feel light in your heart and spirit.

Any time you feel the pull into the darkness, coming from a space of judgment, guilt, shame, blame, or hate, get quiet and curious. The invitation is to reflect inward rather than cast outward. Ask what it is inside of YOU that needs attention, love, and healing.

Give yourself lots of love. Breathe in the light and shine it out into the world. Be grateful to earth and source for all that has been, all that you have, and then unite with others to create a brighter, better path ahead.

Wishing you love, peace, joy, and connection for the days ahead, from my heart to yours.

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