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Shine Your Weird Light

“You’re so weird.”

I've heard this so many times through my life. And for many years, I thought it was a bad thing. I felt ashamed of my weirdness. So I suppressed it as best I could. I tried to “fit in” by normalizing and conforming to what I thought other people wanted of me.

And all it did was suck my soul dry.

When I had my "wake-up call" seven years ago, I realized that this suppression was one of the root causes of my problems. My misery, dissatisfaction in life, anger, anxiety; much of it was tied to the fact that I wasn’t living my life authentically.

Authentically weird. Authentically me.

I discovered that my weirdness is my passion. My weirdness is my soul. It’s what makes me tick and feel alive. It’s my gifts. It’s so much of the entirety of who I am. I learned over the years to begin wearing my weirdness like my favourite clothing.

Allowing myself to get beneath that surface opened up potential, talent, and gifts I didn’t even know I had. I mean some part of me somewhere knew I had them, but there was a day-to-day part of me that had forgot.

Last night at the end of women's circle as we were talking in silly voices, we all had a good laugh about it. I said that this is how I know I'm with my people. One, they don't think me talking in a variety of weird voices is weird, and two, they talk back to me in a variety of their own weird voices.

But truly, weirdness has become an easy measure to align with my tribe. I have zero desire to try and conform to fit in anywhere with anyone. I can be myself and find comfort in the fact that the people I’m “too weird” for are simply not my people.

It really is that easy.

My message to you is to let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.

Please don’t ever hide your shine because of other people’s judgements.

The world needs your brand of weird.

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