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~ JOY ~

Do you experience joy on a daily basis? Or do you have a hard time remembering when you last felt unbridled joy bubbling over inside you?

I've been observing a world lately where I see so many people who have lost their connection with joy. It honestly breaks my heart.

Recently, my kids and I were at the grocery store. We were laughing and goofing around and people looked at us like we were abnormal. Some people lit up when they saw us. Some people looked down on us, as if there was something wrong with us.

I refuse to let this world rob me of my joy. I laugh, have fun, and find joy every day, and I am committed to spreading that light.

And I invite you to join me. How can you infuse more joy, love, and laughter into your life on a daily basis?

Give it a try. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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