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Expect the Unexpected

Truly, the only thing we can expect in life is the unexpected.

Yet how much energy do people use every single day controlling, forcing, resisting, pushing, pulling, worrying, and stressing to be sure that everything works out the exact way that they want it to? How often is this approach successful? How often do people end up in situations that they wish they weren’t in as a result?

And ultimately, how often do things work out exactly as they were going to all along regardless of the amount of force and control put into it?

We often cannot see the complete picture of what is for our highest good with clarity and precision.

But we learn to develop intuition and hunches.

We learn to be still and listen.

We learn to adhere to that guidance and inner wisdom.

We learn to be present and joyous with the mystery and wonder.

We use our energy to fill ourselves up and feel good knowing and trusting that we’re going to end up exactly where we’re supposed to be.


Just sometimes we unconsciously choose the path of most resistance.

So instead, can you let the wind fill your sails and carry you to where you're meant to be?

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