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Medicine of the Milk Thistle

February’s Women’s Circle focused on the rose. A beautiful, sensuous flower deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine, connecting us to the women who walked before us through the depths of our lower chakras, right up to our hearts.

As an embodiment of the feminine, it has soft, supple, inviting petals, but beware of handling her inappropriately because her thorns will demand your attention quickly. Rose teaches us how to open our hearts and share our loving kindness and compassion, while still exercising discernment and boundaries in order to protect ourselves.

She is a magnificent teacher with so many things to offer us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we passed around the salt bowl, adding our offerings and casting our intentions, one woman said she accidentally brought something she didn’t intend to. I was immediately curious.

Plants never come into our lives by accident. Ever.

She had dried milk thistle hanging in her vehicle and somehow, it hitched a ride into the circle on her blanket. As she shared her story of the milk thistle and what it represented to her, something called me to lean in and listen deeper.

As we sat here so intently focusing on the medicine of the rose, the milk thistle wanted us to understand its medicine too. She’s the shadow of the rose. She’s the shadow of ourselves.

Magnificent, enchanting purple blooms grace the milk thistle’s tops, but the fierceness of her sharp stalks and her sting scare many away, making them overlook her true beauty. She is regarded and discarded as an annoying weed with no value. What an unfortunate perspective.

As much as we all have an inner rose, we also have an inner milk thistle. She shows up representing the dark feminine within, willing to lead us to even deeper beauty, strength, and grace, if only we let her.

We must not discard our shadows, like a useless weed. We must not turn away from the dark feminine within. We must embrace our inner thistle as much we embrace our inner rose.

The milk thistle boldly stepped into circle to show us the importance of integrating and embodying both the light and the dark of the divine feminine; the transition from Kali to Durga. And this is the space where we find our true power, courage, fire, and unparalleled love, passion, and sensuality.

Thank you milk thistle for bringing us your magic and medicine.

(Art by James Knowles)

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