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That Weird Woo-Woo Woman

I know some people view me as a little (or a lot) too woo-woo. But you guys, hear me out.

I truly believe that the universe is always conspiring in our favour. I believe there's a current we can step into in our lives where we can ride out this blissful ebb and flow that supports us. Through the good stuff and the shitty stuff.

I know I'm a lot of "love and light", but I'm also avidly against spiritual bypassing. I'm the first one to sit down and wade through the depths of my shadows when the darkness calls. It's the love and light that helps me navigate those dark AF spaces.

It's the belief that ultimately, spirit has my back that helps me get through.

It's seeing the magic show up in everyday life, time and time again.

A few days ago, I came out of an activation knowing that I NEEDED a red coat. It wasn't just a knowing. I knew there was a red coat waiting for me somewhere. My mom was going to Cranbrook the next day and hitting up several stores so I asked her to keep an eye for me.

There were no red coats to be found anywhere. I proceeded to search the Google, Amazon, Zulily, etc. I found a possibility on Amazon, but something in me said that it wasn't it. So I waited.

I had a parcel coming from Amazon, which always get sent to Napa. This particular one was sent Canada Post for some reason, and Canada Post made me pick it up at Mountain Park Resort. I walk in the front door and there hanging on the rack was this one red coat, in my size, my fit, my style, just waiting there for me like a beaming light.

I almost couldn't believe it, but I could.

That afternoon, new red coat in hand (did I mention from Nepal?), I packed up the kids and truck and we left for Cranbrook. I had to unload all my stuff for the market that evening.

I meant to cut fresh cedar for table decor before we left and I forgot. I was spending the night in Kimberley and I was trying to figure out where I could easily get cedar clippings without having to hike and wade through snow for it.

After unloading in Cranbrook, Friday night about 8pm, I was making my way to Kimberley, the cedar question still fresh on my mind. Coming down the highway, there, literally in the middle of the road, was a MASSIVE branch of cedar. No actual cedar trees anywhere around. A piece so big, vehicles were slowing down to drive around it.

I literally laughed out loud. Like I could hear my guides in the truck with me, "There you go babe, we got you." My friend said, "and we'll take out a row of cars in the process."

So that happened. I had a great market and a restful Sunday. And then Sunday evening, I heard a whisper of inspiration for a new blend. Call it my intuition, my guides, one of my other personalities, whatever that voice is, it's right and true.

The inspiration struck hot and I hit the books and started researching and also listening to what the plants had to say (because ya, I do that too. I talk to plants).

I soon had my new blend formulated, but there were two oils that I needed that I thought I might struggle to find locally. And I needed them this week so I can launch the new product line at the Wynndel Market on Saturday. Because Last Minute Larry over here also thrives under pressure.

So yesterday, I put a post up on FB to see if I could get any leads. In less than an hour, a lovely woman contacted me, had both bottles of oils I needed and said she had a few others she doesn't use that I could have as well. I ended up with 8 bottles of beautiful oils. For $20.

You can't make this shit up.

Sure, you could call it coincidence. You could convince yourself that it's all chance.

But how fucking boring and mundane is that?! I don't want to live a life of chance and coincidence. I want to live a life of magic, mystery, and synchronicity.

Maybe the plot line is the same, but the energy is sure different.

I believe in the magic of life and I hope that in some way, you do too.

And if it's too much for some, oh well. I have a feeling that the witching and woo-wooing is only going to get weirder and wilder from here.

So watch out for that wild one with the Medusa hair, blazing red coat, and vibrant blue hummingbird purse. She's on a mission and ain't nobody stopping her!

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