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~ Accountability ~

I'm seeing a lot of posts lately calling men out for being pieces of shit in dating and relationships, to one degree or another.

The truth: this world has a lot of hurting people that we can easily label as toxic or shitty.

The bigger truth, and LADIES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU: Start taking accountability for yourself. Your relationships WILL NOT change until your behaviour, boundaries, and beliefs do.

I 100% assure you of this.

I have walked this path. If you want something different, stop pointing your finger and start looking in the mirror.

A hard pill to swallow, I know. I get it. And there was a time that I didn't want to hear it either. But I knew I had to face it if I wanted to change who I was inviting to my table.

Last night I had vivid dreams that all centered around men and discomfort, reflecting past patterns and cycles. I woke up almost yelling "I will never settle for less than I deserve ever again."

And I mean it. I will live like a nun before I'll invite that energy back into my life.

In telling a friend about my dreams, she had the same dreams last night too. There's a collective energy coming in and it's inviting us to step into our divine feminine power.

I channeled the following affirmation and it's as much for me as it is for any of you who are ready to receive it. Say it out loud as many times as you need to, and put action behind it to inspire change.

Because you deserve it

"I deserve a partner who shows up. Consistently. Pursues me. Consistently. Shows his or her interest in me and affection for me. Consistently. Who's not afraid to be here, to take a step, and to try. I deserve nothing less than this. I deserve to be loved. Admired. Desired. Wanted.

Take me or don't. It's that simple. No wishy washy feelings and actions. Confusion is a no. Inconsistency is a no. There are no maybes. Only clear yes's and clear no's."

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