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Elements & Altars

This is a hands-on six-session deep dive into the Elements that includes making your own all-natural elemental body products!

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What are they? How can they be used and incorporated into everyday life, meditations, rituals, ceremonies, and altars?


Join me to learn and experience all of this and much more.


This program is structured so that you’re given two weeks in between each session in order to play, integrate, and prepare for the next session and Element without it feeling crammed or rushed.


The Elements are a powerful and vital force embodied in all that we do, all that we are, and all that surrounds us. To our ancestors and ancient cultures from around the globe, the Elements were essential to all of life, honoured, revered, and respected.


Each session in this program focuses on one specific Element. You will learn the qualities of that Element, how it can assist you, and how it relates to everything from herbs, plants, and oils to planets and crystals, to chakras and even food.


You will learn how to build altars in order to call upon and work with each Element. The first session offers an introduction and welcome to the weeks ahead, providing you with a framework and road map. This takes place going into the window of the New Moon in Pisces; an absolutely beautiful time to embark on a new adventure with the dreamy, intuitive, creative, and fluid energy of Pisces.


Then in each Element session, you will:


  • Build an altar as a group for that specific Element

  • Share herbal tea that I have prepared tailored to that specific Element

  • Receive teachings

  • Experience a guided meditation with reflection questions and journaling

  • Participate in a guided ritual/ceremony

  • Make an all-natural body product choosing from that Element’s essential oils to take home with you (at the end, you will have one of each: body butter, body spray, roller, bath blend)

  • Receive a link to an Elemental playlist

  • Take home a crystal related to that specific Element


The final class wraps everything up shortly after the New Moon in Taurus, the perfect time to integrate your new knowledge and bring it to form with the grounding, solid, practical energy of Taurus under your feet.


In the final session, we will bring all Four Elements together--including introducing the Fifth Element of Ether/Spirit, often overlooked in more Western-focused teachings. You'll build a final altar, receive a meditation, and participate in a ritual to integrate and initiate you.


And you will receive a Four Elements parting gift to take with you at the end.


If this is calling to you and speaking to your heart and soul, please join us.


I will only be accepting eight people into this program. Everyone is welcome and the only requirement is that you show up with commitment, curiosity, and an open heart and mind.


The investment is $225 for the entire program. That works out to less than $40 per session, which is an amazing deal for all that you receive.


You are welcome to split it into two payments with 50% paid as a deposit at the time of registration and the remaining 50% paid a minimum of seven days before the start date. A minimum of seven days cancelation notice is required and after that, refunds will only be issued if your space can be filled.


I’m excited to have you join me in learning practices that are near and dear to my heart. Please come enliven your spirit and enhance all aspects of your life with the Elements!


Saturdays | 4-6pm | Feb 26, Mar 12, Mar 26, Apr 9, Apr 23, May 7 | $225


#6 - 223 16th Ave. N

Creston, BC

By Appointment Only




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